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Our Booking PolicyPlease follow the steps below to ensure your appointment sections & times are provided. STEP 1: Select the # of groups you will have at your location. STEP 2: Type the programs you would like for your groups to have on the FORM page.

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1 GROUP Session, 25 children

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$225

2 GROUPS (50 children)

. Duration:2 hrs 15 mins··. Price:$525

3 GROUPS (75 children)

. Duration:3 hrs··. Price:$675

Small Group Assembly (40-50 kids)

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$425

Virtual Tutoring Session

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$45

About us

Professor T.K. the Chemist provides hands-on science adventures for children of all ages. Book your children’s visit TODAY to be apart of the wonderful opportunities we have at the MYGEMS Science Center. Come enjoy the T.K. the Chemist experience!

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13 reviews
  • Satina Jones·

    I just want to say. Your program never disappoints. The Optical Illusions with a twist was awesome. We all had a grand ole time . Ms. TK has the students very engaged and keeps there attention. We always look forward to seeing her with new programs every year. :)

  • Lavonda Kennedy·

    Ms. TK is one of my favorites! She kept the students engaged in different activities and they learned a lot. The students had a great time. It's always a joy to have her come to First Ward!

  • Ken Porter The Lake Wylie Elementary ASEP·

    Great robotics program that challenged the students today. Ms. T.K. keeps the students engaged with exciting hands on programs. .

  • Lori Wilson·

    T.K. is awesome! She always provides fun engaging science enrichment programs for our staff and our students. I love watching her interact with the students as she provides many opportunities for them to use their critical thinking skills. I cannot wait to have her come back. We love MYGEMS!!!

  • CMS After School Enrichment Program·

    Students are always excited to participate in various science experiments. The experiments are engaging and educational. I highly recommend this service for students of all ages!


    The students really enjoyed the Robotic Engineering Program, they ask a lot of question and Ms. TK is the best Chemist ever.

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